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Will Waterproofing Paint Solve All Damp Basement Problems?

Thousands of people every year purchase homes and then after moving in, discover their basements have dampness problems. No one wants a wet basement. Can they clean up the walls and give them a coat of waterproofing paint to solve the dampness problem? The answer is perhaps yes, perhaps no. Some basements with minor dampness problems will be dried out by preparing the walls and giving them a coat of waterproof coating. Other basements will have water problems that need more extensive solutions.

How can homeowners identify water problems in their basements and determine how to resolve them? As many as half the existing homes with basements in the United states have some form of dampness problem. Wet basements can be caused by groundwater swelling, runoff, or condensation. Finding a solution will depend on the cause of the problem. A dehumidifier will solve minor condensation problems, but more serious problems can require more involved solutions such as digging up the perimeter of the basement floor to install a drain system with a sump pump. Once a water problem is identified, it must be resolved as soon as possible to avoid serious damage. A musty, foul, or moldy smell can be the first sign of trouble, don’t ignore it.

If a basement is going to be used for living space or storage, water problems must be solved before any renovation or decorating project begins. Actually, the dampness problem must be solved before the space is used. Contact a local waterproofing and damp basement professional to find where the problem is coming from, what the extent of damage is, and what procedures will permanently solve it. These experts can find the source of the water seepage and give the homeowner ideas for solving the problem. Waterproofing contractors will give the homeowner a free bid for solving the problem. A simple condensation problem can occur when there is too little ventilation in a room. Moist warm air hits cool basement walls and condenses. Improving the basement ventilation may solve this problem. Water runoff and groundwater swelling require more serious solutions. For more information on basement water problems, go to the website.