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Enjoy Favorite Foods While Eating Healthy

Every Monday morning thousands of people decide they will eat healthier food. The previous evening, they have gone through their cupboards and either eaten or thrown out all their unhealthy favorite foods. Many of those same people will have given up their new eating habits by Wednesday or Thursday. The failure rate of people who wish to eat healthier is so high because they make the switch an “all or nothing” process. If they cannot have donuts from their favorite bakery, they will not eat donuts at all. They attempt to go from eating whatever they wanted to eating no sweets o processed foods at all.

What they do not realize is that there are ways to enjoy favorite foods and still eat healthier. Every major diet plan, any type of healthy eating movement, and just about any lifestyle promoted by doctors and fitness experts contain recipes for all those fattening, processed, gooey, sweet, or greasy foods with some minor alterations. The foods may not taste exactly like their unhealthy counterparts, but they are still full of flavor and satisfying. A perfect example is the Paleo Diet. The diet avoids processed foods, as well as anything that as not available to prehistoric people. Basically, it calls for avoidance of cereal grains, dairy products, legumes, refined sugar and vegetable oils, and all processed foods.

Foods that are included are grass-fed meats, fish and seafood, nuts and seeds, eggs, fruits and vegetables, and healthy oils. Thar does not sound like much but actually includes many diverse foods. Websites designed to help people start this diet and encourage people to stay with it offer free recipes that include variations of decadent and unhealthy dishes. Cinnamon raisin bread, apple pie, ice cream treats, pancakes, chocolate donuts, and pulled pork from a crock-pot are just a few examples of what can be made and enjoyed while on this particular diet. Sites also provide ideas for meal plans, eating at restaurants, making shopping lists for the grocery store, and staying on the diet while traveling. People can get the latest news here and learn that healthy eating does not mean total denial of food cravings and old favorites.